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November 30, 2017

This is a blogging resource for bloggers or a wannabe bloggers willing to Start or Better their blog.

If you're already an established blogger, you will find this resource page useful as you will learn new things and also alternatives to what you've been using.

If you're starting out new as a blogger or you are hoping to start soon then this resource page will guide you to start a successful blog, write viral articles, get shares and many more!

Before we get started with the resources, I will like to introduce myself and tell a short story about my blogging adventure. I will talk about the good, bad and the only part of blogging.

I am Precious (Mr.Love), the founder of LoveNancials; A blog those that wanna make sense and cents in everything they do!

I started blogging some years back, with the intention of making money, get famous and things of like nature! However years past and I didn't make a dime as a blogger, I strive hard as I can but all my effort wasn't enough. I however stumbled upon top blogs that makes 5-6 figure income online and I was greatly Inspired and motivated. I decided to let go of my selflessness and face the reality of being a blogger, I then decided to work hard and avoid the tricky approach to blogging.

Things went good and bad, from my decision I met stumbling blocks and I fell flat, I stood up again and continue striving. I never wanted to give up, I want to be one of those bloggers people look up to. I tried and fail but I learnt from all my failures, I took note of want worked and what didn't worked and I learnt from top bloggers, I took eCourse, bought eBook, Listen to podcast and more all in the name of being a responsible blogger.

So this resource is been drafted based on personal experience, so this is actually an insiders resource! You have nothing to worry about as I know my stuff.

So below are my top resource that will better your blog and help you become a better blogger. if you're new, then this resource will guide you through starting a blog that make sense and cents and also teach you the ins and outs of blogging. Have you been struggling with Traffic? Content? Monetization? And more? If you've answered yes then this resource is actually for you.


Getting Started With Blogging

Are wanting to start blogging? For fun? Money? And others? If you've answered yes to any then below are my recommendations.

•How To Start A Blog.
My A-z guide of starting a blog that makes money. If you're wanting to start a blog, you could read that article and learn how to.

•How To Choose A Niche To Blog About!

Don't want to talk about something that you'll seem lost in the blogosphere?

You want a blog topic you can't stop talking about?

Want to find your writing passion? And more?

This article will guide you to finding the best and suitable niche for your self.

•9 Things To Do After You've Launch Your Blog.
You've launch your blog? Now, what's next?

This article will work as a roadmap and direct you on where to go after you've launch your blog.
This is the most popular and probably the best blogging platform out there. If you're wanting to start a superb blog then WordPress should be your first choice. However I recommend Blogger platform if you're wanting something free!

You've been looking for a reliable and cheap hosting platform? Stop searching, bluehost is the solution. I've heard so much about them, I've tried them and they're good.

You've been looking for somewhere to purchase a domain name that's actually cheap, reliable and secured? Then you shouldn't worry as Namecheap got you covered. They're currently the best I know!

This is actually another name registrar, they're good and I'm recommending them because of their one-time cheap domain registering offer. It's actually $0.99 for a .com domain! I've personal experience with them but I prefer namecheap though, so you could register and transfer if you wish.

Free And Recommended Books and Course

You'll probably need to better your blog, I have listed free and paid books as well as courses that'll help you achieve your aim. I understand the 'i don't have money' feeling, so flex the free option until you've saved for the paid ones.

7 Ways To Grow Blog's Traffic With Pinterest.
This is a free eBook by Melyssa Griffin, she's a pinterest star and knows her stuff. She has this free eBook that'll change your approach to pinterest for business. She actually did changed mine.

31 Days Of Building A Better Blog
You've heard of Darren Rowse? He is a pro blogger. If you don't know him too well then log on to and see what he's up to. You haven't read 31 days to build a better blog then you're missing a lot. He actually have some great tips and strategies in this book of his; from getting started, finding and keeping audience, making money and more.

Amber Temerity Free Pinterest Training
I met Amber Temerity on Facebook and seriously she acted like a magnet and couldn't wait but to inbox if we could be friends and she didn't declined. Afterwards she was actually helpful and I learnt a lot from her. She has this free pinterest training that everyone is taking about and I can't wait but join the bandwagon.😃

Go and sign up for this course, it's free and you'll come back to thank me as you'll learn pinterest from A-z.

Instagram EBook by Ria
I've found this amazing eBook by Ria from Craftsposure and it's superb for anyone willing to take Instagram to another level. She talked about how to boost your followers count and keeping them engaged.

Responsive Templates

Blog design is very crucial in helping bloggers attain success, so you'll definitely be needing a good & stunning template for your blog. Not just the look but SEO optimised and fast loading.

However, a good place to get high quality premium template are:

Template Monster

Free Stock Photos
You've stumbled upon some cute and feminine images on my blog? If you're a lover of feminine and attractive images then the sites below can actually provide you with the best images.

Haute Chocolate
Deposit Photo

Creating Images

You'll probably need to create pictures, edit, write on images and more. The tools below are good editing tools for designing images for Instagram, pinterest and your blog.



You've haven't sign up Grammarly yet? Oh no! And why?

Grammarly is a must have for bloggers. Save yourself grammatical mistakes and write like an English genius with Grammarly.


Making money from your blog is something that will interest you if you haven't started already. If you're wanting to make money with your blog, below is my recommendation.

51+ Adnetworks For Bloggers To Make Passive Income.
This is a post were I featured 51+ Adnetworks to monetize your blog.

Neil Patel Affiliate Marketing Made Simple Article.
You've heard of affiliate marketing? And still unable to wrap your head over it? Okay when I started affiliate marketing I was damn confused and lost. I actually did read this article by Neil Patel and I was filled with knowledge.

Getting Blog Noticed

The last thing on my mind is starting a blog and at the end I'll be the only reader! That's why you should Promote, Promote, & Promote. If you're struggling with traffic on your blog then you should follow my recommendation and explode blog's traffic.

How To Drive Traffic To A New Blog.
An article were I shared my tips and tricks for driving traffic to my blog. If driving traffic is your goal then this article is one you don't wanna miss!

PinFinite Growth
Pinterest has been one most reliable source of traffic bloggers, though some people aren't able to wrap their head around pinterest and ain't getting desired result from pinterest. That's why I'm recommending you sign up to Melyssa Griffin's pinterest course to learn awesomely.

Amy's Guest Posting Tips
I never knew they were right ways to go about guest posting on top blogs for traffic generation until I stumbled upon this article by Amy Lynn and I was filled with useful info. If you're planning to start guest posting then you shouldn't miss this article.

SEOfitness Workbook
If you're wanting to get your SEO right then this book is all you'll be needing. It unvails secrets to ranking on search engines and driving traffic to a blog.

Social Media Scheduling

No matter your likes for social media, you can't be on it 24/7. In fact why should you? There are other important things to do!

That's why you need to start using some automation tools and make your biz easy! These tools will help schedule posts, automate new post, manage social media easily,  run campaigns and more. Tools varies by social media to social media, tools I recommend are:

Tailwind, BoardBooster & CoSchedule For Pinterest.

Buffer, Crowdfire & Hootsuit For Facebook and Twitter!

For automating posts on social media, use

Sharing Tools

Every blog needs sharing tool for readers to share their posts, pin and more! There are tons of sharing tools and plugins but I solemnly recommend Sumome.

Sumome is a sharing software as well as form generating tool. They have image share and post share and you're allowed to integrate with popular mailing service like Mailchimp, and more!

Email Marketing Tool

You haven't start your email marketing? Why not!

Email marketing is crucial for bloggers. If you're a blogger you should start your email campaign ASAP!

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is superb and have a free forever plan which is free up to 2,000 subscribers. So you can sign Mailchimp for free and start emailing campaign. Sign up with my link now!

Convert Kit: Convert Kit has free trial and is perfect for bloggers. I've heard just some much good stuff about them!

MailerLite: MailerLite is also a good choice, it's easy to use and is free up to 1,000 subscribers.

Those are some blogging resources, feel free to use whichever you like and don't forget to pin this!

I am updating this resource monthly, feel free to check back and find something new!

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