January 07, 2018
Are You Tired Of Chasing Shadows?

Uhm, You want to live life like a Boss BUT

  • You're not sure of where to start.
  • You're afraid and can't afford to.
  • You're unhappy with your life and career.
  • You're trapped and feel like it's impossible.
  • You're worried because you have limited resources?
  • You're frustrated and just can't think straight?
  • You're scared of failing and don't wanna try?

Hey! Calm* you're not alone, we are in this together, Aaaand we can actually step up game and slay our goals of living the boss lifestyle.

I'm precious, a classroom teacher by Day and a personal finance blogger by Night. I'm a friend who's here to help you live life like a boss.

My 5 favourite things are Reading, Writing, Blogging, Planning, & Teaching. Aaaand Hey! I dislike working (who would ever wanna work?) but we ought to so... I'm in*

I'm currently working as a classroom teacher and blogging about personal finance too. Aaaand OMG it's superbly fun being a teacher (Aaaand hey! I'm teaching for fun).

My goal is taking my teaching skill to a whole new level Like teaching in seminars, podcasts, blogs,  and more. I know you too have goals you wanna slay, so together we will.

I started blogging to help you live life like a boss!

You know a boss is always organized, at the top of the game, awesome at slaying goals, organized, financially awesome,  and the rest you could think of* So yooo get it!

In order to help you live the boss lifestyle, I will:

➡ Share my personal Finance adventure.

Aaaand why will I want to share them with you? Because YOU could learn from them.

Aaaand Hey! I'm not a finance savvy or advisor but I'm a finance friend that's exactly like YOU. I'm striving to slay my goals of becoming financially free and being a bad guy with money.

So as I'm slaying these goals, I will be sharing the journey so far, to motivate, & inspire YOU to slay yours too.

➡ Help you get insanely organized.

I'm not super organized but one of my top goal is getting insanely organized, and being clutter free.

So as I'm slaying these goals, I will be updating YOU, so you too could slay yours!

➡ Share adventure of Life.

Life is full of adventure and a story to tell. So I'll be sharing my life experience for YOU to learn.

So expect in debt analysis of how I achieved, how I  overcame, how i became...... and more.

All experiences shared won't be unrelated to finance, & organizing; just a little tweak of my blogging adventure, life, relationship,  and goals to match finance and organizing. *I promise*

You've gotten a clear picture of what I'm in for BUT

How do YOU know if this whole package is for you, so you won't waste your time chasing shadows you can never catch?

The package is for yooo IF

  • You're obsessed with living like a boss.
  • You're wanting success in every area of your life.
  • You're wanting to gain financial freedom.
  • You're interested in slaying your goals.
  • You're wanting to get insanely organized.
  • You're wanting to be the boss of your money.
  • You're a lover of frugality.
  • You're tired of clutters and wants to be free.

So I guess you're smiling because this package is actually for YOU.

So what are you waiting for? Why not dive into my mailing list so we could keep in touch and I can probably send YOU amazing stuffs.

Aaaand hey! Lets hang out on social platforms. Just

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I'll chat YOU soon!

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