How To Live Life Like a Boss In 2018

January 08, 2018

It's all about YOU living life like a boss! BUT WAIT do you actually wanna live the boss lifestyle?

Most times we forget the importance of being our own boss and let the lifestyle of other people determine how we live our OWN life.

As a boss, you shouldn't be dependent, you should be able to make personal decision, say yes or no to situation, live your life without listening to what the so-called crowd are saying and more. But it isn't so, most times we just want to please everybody - We want everyone to be our friend.

As a boss we should damn whatever the crowd wants us to do and follow our heart, you shouldn't displease yourself because you want him or her or even them to be happy. I know in relationship cases it isn't wrong to sacrifice your happiness if needs be, Aaaand no! That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about;

  • Studying Medicine Because That's What Your Rich Uncle Want Even Though You're An Engineer At Heart.
  • Leaving Your Dream College To A College That Doesn't Suit You In Anyway Because You Want To Follow Your Lover.
  • Refusing To Dance Because You're Afraid Of Being Laughed At.
  • Keeping Mute To Abuses Because You Don't Wanna Break Relationship.
  • Letting People Steal Your Happiness!
  • Can't Afford To Because Of FEAR!

You really need to damn the society's standard and the f*ck people 've got to say!

In Michael Gregory words; Your neighbor doesn’t like the way you cut your grass? Have him cut it for you as you relax on a chair watching him. You’re afraid to ask for your CD back from your friend? Bust down their door and take it from them rather than holding a grudge against them.

Aaaand yeah it's true, you really don't need to live your life for anybody but yourself. I don't mean you should live life roughly but there are some sh*ts you shouldn't take at all.

Being A Boss is far beyond starting your own business and bearing the CEO title. It's all about knowing your worth, potentials, and escaping the life of living for others.

If you don't rewire your brain to see your potentials, what you've got that others are struggling to get; you'll still have your workers run your company for you (the way they like) even as the boss.

So are you ready to live the boss lifestyle? Oh yesss! How?

Catch A Vision

As a boss, you should have a clear vision of where you're going.

What's that dream of yours that you're so obsessed with?

It could be; Retiring Early, Starting A Business On The Side, Becoming Self Employed, Making Money, Gaining Financial Freedom, Saving Money and tons of others! Just dream BIG.

Aaaand, If it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not dreaming big enough. You need to dare something scary (that's why you're a boss).

After you've decide on something you want to achieve, ask yourself this question; “Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?”

If you couldn't answer Yes then you should do something else that's probably the most important! It's a key for catching the right vision.

Afterwards, Set SMART goals; I mean goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. Break goals into mini goals, develop your strategy and slay!

Take Home! Knowing who you are, where you're coming from, where you are, and where you're going to are very vital in the journey of living the boss lifestyle. So catch a vision!

Don't Try To Please 'Em

If you're think you can please everyone then you'll be lost.

Charles Schwab said, The man  who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.

As a boss you're or a wannabe boss, you shouldn't try to please everyone. No matter how hard you try, people won't get satisfied. So don't!

Don't Let 'Em Push You To The Mud - Push Them First

You shouldn't let people toil with you, rather you should toil with them if needs be.

Imagine this; you are going to a job interview, well dressed (in white suit) with your shoes well polished, all of a sudden someone runs out from nowhere and step on your well polished shoe and also stained your suit.

Now! Would you just say "oh it's my fault, I will watch out next time" Hell no! You'll either yell at the person or even punch him in his face.

You should see yourself as wearing a white suit with well polished shoes and going to an interview (that's chasing your dream). People will always want to stop or hinder you from achieving your dreams (or even dirty you so you would look unattractive and probably get rejected), so you shouldn't let them humiliate, abuse or drag you to the mud. Instead push them first. That's the boss lifestyle!

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Grab Failure By The Hair; Pull It Across The Mud And Kick It.

People are always like; what if I fail? BUT that's different with the bosses.

The bosses don't fear failure but rather they grab failure by its head, pull it across the mud and kick it.

One lifestyle of the bosses is that they don't let there happiness rotate around whatever dream, or goal they're chasing.

Are you wanting to gain financial freedom, start or grow a business, save some chunks of money? You shouldn't let your happiness rotate around whatever you're chasing.

When you embrace the mentality of not letting your happiness rotate around your dream or vision, you would easily laugh out loud at failure and kick it to the mud without hassle.

Do not Let Little sh*ts Bother you.

Do you no why you're not yet living life like a boss? Because you're being bothered by sh*ts (I mean little sh*ts).

You'll find people being bothered by stuffs like; Why hasn’t anyone liked my Facebook picture this hour, That person didn’t say hi to me today, I’m so ugly, or They didn’t let me into that club. It isn't sensitive at all.

Instead bother about stuffs like; why hasn't anyone purchase through my affiliate Link, why did Elna turned down my business proposal, why am i getting low ROI and the likes.

You shouldn't be bothered by things that isn't relevant or won't add meaning to your life and dreams.

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Be Adapted To Change.

The bosses are so adapted to change. Strategy A isn't working, try B.

Take a look at our economy today, so many things has changed, if you're using the pattern that was used in the 90s, I doubt if you will be productive at all.

So you really need to adapt to change. You should consider changing some of your habit, the way you do your job, the way you think, and more!

Final Thoughts.

Living the boss lifestyle, you should learn to invest in yourself too.

You should read books, listen to podcast, watch videos, take quiz, enroll for online courses, play games (yeah play games) and more. It's a good investment that you shouldn't joke with.

I'm currently reading Think and Grow Rich (I'm still in chapter 3, I hope I finish it before December), Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I'm also about to start reading As a Man Thinketh. So you too should hurry to Amazon and grab the books ASAP.

Okay ohwkay! I hope you enjoy this series on living the boss lifestyle, this post is inspired by my decision to shurn what people think about me and start loving myself. Aaaand you too should start your boss lifestyle journey.

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I Hope I've been able to inspire you and to some extent educate you.

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