Goals To Slay This 2018

January 01, 2018
It's New Year, What's Your Goal As An Entrepreneur? Are you still waiting till mid January before you start preparing your goals? Oh no! Damn.

If you're reading this post and still without a goal for 2018, quickly grab a pen or any handy writing material and write your goals before it's too late.

"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late. -Marie Beynon Ray

You've got no excuse of not setting your goals and hey! You're running out of time.

What's stopping YOU from setting your goals? Fear?

Lao Tzu said, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So damn your excuse and set goals for the new year!

I'm here today with my goals for 2018. This goals is for my blog and not my personal life.

As an entrepreneur, your business should "get a life". Your business isn't YOU and you're not your business. So if you're an entrepreneur, your biz should have its goals for 2018.

Now My Goals For 2018.

1.I Wanna Reach 1000+ Followers On Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of my biggest struggle when it comes to social media and I'm not really getting the most out of it BUT this 2018 I'm set to reach 1000+ followers on pinterest. I have just 100+

2.I Wanna Blog Consistently.

I intend posting 3× weekly and that's on Monday, Wednesday, Friday by 12.00pm West Africa Time.
I wasn't consistent this year and I'm gonna try slaying this goal by 2018.

3.I Wanna Make $1000 from my blog this year.

$1000 a whole year is damn little, I know! I'm not yet blogging full-time, so that's gonna be a little compensation for the little time spent on LoveNancials.

I'm gonna give affiliate marketing a try and lets see how it works.

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4.I Wanna join at least 5 group boards every month.

I recently start taking pinterest serious and I haven't joined too many group boards. You know group boards is essential and I'm gonna try joining at least 5 every month.

5.I Wanna Maintain 30,000 monthly page views this year.

Getting 30,000 page views monthly means 1000 page views per day if the month is up to 30days. I wasn't able to get 1000 page views daily this 2017. Some days 1000+ and some other 400 or 500.

By 2018 I will try to maintain 1000 page views daily for the whole year.

Overview Of Goals I Slayed Lately.

I got serious with LoveNancials by December 2017 and I saw huge progress I've never seen in my life. Even with my previous blogs. 

I have every reason to be thankful and I'm. Within a period of one month, I achieved the following below.

1.I Went From A Stagnant 2 Followers On Pinterest To 100+

Gaining pinterest followers was one of my biggest nightmare, if I haven't told you this; I read a myriad of post about gaining followers on pinterest but non worked. I mean it.

I had 2 followers for almost one year, I stayed months without visiting pinterest and I never really knew the value of pinterest. I however tried but there was nothing I could do, I remember the day I decided to spend all my day on pinterest and I was able to gain the total of 5 followers, only to wake up and discovered it's has reduced to 3 and afterwards 2. I was vexed.

BUT by December, I changed the game. I was able to gain 21 followers in one day and 90+ in a week. Aaaand a total of 130+ this December.

I spent less than 20 minutes on pinterest daily. I develop a strategy and I'm gonna share it if I successfully use it to achieve my 1000+ followers goal for 2018.

2.I Blogged Slightly Consistently.

I told you I got serious with blogging this December 2017 and I was able to post 2 times per week but some weeks I posted 3 times.
It's a huge success since I started in less than a month ago!

3.I Didn't Make Any Money This One Month Of Blogging!

I didn't make any money from December 1st till 31st BUT I talked about a blog planner for 2018 in this post and the link was an affiliate Link though the planner was somewhat free. I ended up getting a total of 225 clicks as of when I checked. So if the planner wasn't free, I assume i would have earned a little commission from the buys!

So it gives me the impression that affiliate marketing is gonna work by 2018.

4.I joined a total of 22 group boards in December.

Starting out new, I joined a total of 22 group boards and they're active. I'll be looking forward to joining bigger boards and at least five each month

5.I tripled my page views.

Before I got serious with blogging on December 1st, my page views monthly was 7,000 but this month of December I changed the game and tripled my page views. I got 22,000 page views and I'm so happy for the achievement.

If you've been following my blog, you'll notice that I did fabulously within a period of one month. Aaaand what's the reason?

I invested in my self, I took courses, read blogs and listened to podcast. One eBook that changed everything was the slay your goal guide. Nadalie actually did a fabulous job. It helped me crushed my to-dos, say no to procrastination and I experience massive productivity.

Aaaand Hey!** you shouldn't hesitate to grab the slay your goals planner for 2018. You actually get a free slay your goals hacks eBook that cost $19 for absolutely free when you buy the planner and offer last for only four days.

I'm not here to preach the planner to you, if you're interested then check out Nadalie's Sales page and i doubt you won't love the planner plus you get a 14 days money back guarantee? Yes for real!

Final Thought

That's my goals for 2018, and I hope I'm able to slay all these goals. Aaaand if you haven't set your own goals, quickly do that

A quick tips for you!

  • Give Your Business A Separate Life From Yourself
  • Go Write Your Goals
  • Grab The Slay Your Goals Planner (with bonus eBook).

And you're set for 2018 like a boss!

What's Your Number #1 Goal For 2018?

Do you love using planners? Tell me and share!
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