The Myth About *No Comment on Blog Posts

December 20, 2017
Have you ever been perplexed because no one is commenting on your blog posts?

Aaaand you then have the feeling that no one is reading your posts, maybe they just glance at your post and exclaim: oh boring!

You've answered yes? I guess so! BUT does no comment mean as thought? Lets find out!

The Main Gist

I've been blogging for almost a year now but I haven't been too serious, LIKE extremely serious with blogging. Aaaand why?

I've been confused with what to blog about and I keep starting afresh when new idea pops into my head. But around November & December 2017, I decided to get serious with blogging and probably niche down my blog instead of hiding under the 'Lifestyle Bloggers'  camp.

So i decided to embrace personal finance niche to the fullest, though I'm still a newbie (I started this December 2017), Aaaand it's awesome.

I also decided to change my writing style to look more personal and not like a formal letter, you would discover I have just few posts where I'm personal and financial. Anyway I'm still striving.

Talking about my friendly writing style, I published the post Your Blog Won't Make Any Progress If You're Like Me.

Aaaand hey! I so much dreamt and wanted the post to go viral; with tons of comments as evidence of it going viral. I have always wanted my blog to look more like a community and not otherwise.

Unfortunately, my dreams didn't come to a reality. Ohwkay, I actually promoted hell outta the post and it had a thousand+ page views BUT no single comment.

Now the feeling above came to play, I was perplexed, I wondered why there wasn't any comment despite the page views and my creative CTA.

I assumed guests actually isn't reading the post because they couldn't have resisted my CTA if they did (I thought so!), or maybe they just glance at the post and went elsewhere.

I also thought maybe the page views were just bot traffic and that's why there's no comment.

I wasn't happy at all, that's the gospel truth.

I quickly Googled why no one is commenting on my blog posts but hey! No helpful article found (that's at the moment).

BUT surprisingly, something happened. Aaaand if you don't mind to ask, 'what exactly happened?' I'll tell you.

I receive an email message via the contact form on my blog and it was from a guy who wanted me to partner with a tool for creating quizzes to generate leads and drives sales. If you mind knowing, the tool is called Interact (Aaaand hey! I'm not yet a partner).

So after seeing that email, some thoughts creep into my mind LIKE if no one reading my blog, how come I've been contacted to be a partner of a tool. I wondered about it.

Later on (in the evening), I received another email message via my blog and this time around I first smiled and then wondered again. 😃

The mail was from a guy, he told me that he just finished reading my post and he enjoyed it. He also recommended another post that'll help my blogging ailment (read the post to understand, here's it).

Now I was settled that my blog was actually being read because it have been confirmed by the email message and I was extremely happy BUT I wondered again, this time about what?

I wondered why someone choose to email me after reading my post when I've comment enabled on my blog. I wondered why he didn't drop a comment instead.

I currently haven't know why he emailed instead of commenting but something gave me an idea.

I haven't told you this** I shared the blog post link on Facebook groups I'm in and fortunately someone commented on one of the shared links on FB. She told me she enjoyed the post but was having difficulty commenting as the disqus comment was damn slow. *boom* I've known why!

So I assumed that was also the reason why someone emailed me instead of commenting, I don't know if I'm correct but I thought so!

I worked on my disqus speed and I was able to increase the speed but not 100% though (I'm still looking for a permanent solution).

Afterwards, I saw a comment on that particular post and as I was typing this post, the post have a total of 12 comments (including my replies).

Aaaand hey! It's just few comments but I'm extremely happy because I love comments. 😃

So far, I've published 3 more posts!

I published Aw* I wasn't frugal with this wears! And It has a total of 26 comments.

I published Why I've Decided To Stay Indoors This Christmas. And it has a total of 32 comments.

I published 31 Post Ideas For Personal Finance Bloggers. And it has a total of 40 comments with less than 400 page views.

(All including my replies and stats is valid as at when writing this post!).

I still have posts with zero comment and I feel bad about it but not so bad because I've not promoted any of those posts and I'll fix that by 2018 after editing them to fit my 2018 blogging style.

Final Thoughts

I'll finalize by saying no comments on blog posts doesn't mean no one is reading your blog posts.

Some readers might decide not to comment for reasons best known to them but not because your post isn't interesting and No doubts, this post has made you believe that the myth about no comments isn't true (that's if you were still believing it) BUT

it doesn't stop at believing, but knowing why your readers are not commenting (that's if you love comments like me). I stopped believing the myth that no comments mean no one is reading your blog posts and also discovered why readers didn't comment.

You could see that comments on my post have been increasing rapidly because I fixed the reason why there wasn't any comment on my posts. Aaaand here am i smiling*

I don't know how many comments I'll get on this post but that isn't a problem because I believe you'll drop a comment. **don't disappoint me 😃

What I Want You To Take Home!

So what's your take home after reading this post? It's just 3things.

  1. Stop believing that no comments mean no one is reading your blog.
  2. Discover why there's no comment on your posts and fix it.
  3. Use strong and captivating CTA action on your post. 

Aaaand now you're smiling with ever increasing comments on your blog posts.

Hunnie, it's your turn!
Tell me, did you enjoyed this post?
Do you love comments?
Have you been stuck in similar circumstance? Have you overcome it? Or you feel like you've after reading this post.
Tell me everything you can spit out from your mouth. Oh! Your keypad. Aaaand also share this post** please!

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