My Fabulous Experience Staying Indoor On Christmas Day!

December 27, 2017
You actually had fun this Christmas? I know you did, get ready to share!

If you've been following my blog and you probably read this post and also this other one, you'll know I made the decision to celebrate this year's Christmas indoors!

Aaaand yes! I did and it was extremely fun!

In this post, I'll share the experience I had staying indoors this Christmas!

Here's how it went!

I actually woked up late because it was cold here, so sleeping was so sweet and I didn't want to wake up but oh! I had to.

I woke up by 10.00AM, did my morning routines like praying, brushing my teeth, and others you know too well.

I went back to my bed brainstorming of what to do, then I remembered I haven't interlinked this post I was to publish by noon, so I quickly did that.

After some minutes, my auntie came out, she was set for church. She asked me to slaughter the chicken for Christmas since I wasn't going to church and she left.

Immediately she left for church, a friend of mine came to visit, we talked about so many things and it was actually fun. She told me she wanted us to go out later in the day but she wasn't happy when I told her I'm indoors today.

I pleaded with her and shared the post where I gave reasons why I'll be celebrating Christmas indoors, she read it and saw I was for real.

BUT I promised her we will go out by the new year's eve and this time I'll be talking her out.

**skips** when she left, It was around few minutes to 12.00PM so I went to our small poultry and grabbed the chicken and then slaughtered it (Aaaand hey! I'm not heartless).

Afterwards, I butchered the chicken and the fried it like a Chef and then had some teeny tiny bite.😃

Now, that's just an overview. Lets get to what I enjoyed and what I didn't.

What I Did And Enjoyed!

I read blog posts: yes I visited so many blogs this Christmas and I had fun reading their posts. I actually did spent more time on Financial Samurai. I read his most popular posts for 2017 and I found some awesome posts I missed.

I listened To Fake It Till You Make It Podcast: The podcast was hosted by GimletMedia and it was awesome.

I was actually sleepy when listening to the podcast but I had to rise up from my bed and enjoyed the podcast. The presented talked about how he built fake apps and would continue doing so till he make it. Go listen here!
I Wrote New Year Goal For LoveNancials: This was one of the reasons I was indoors this Christmas and I achieved my goal. I did wrote my new year goals and I'm gonna publish it by January 1st.

Aside that, I also wrote some posts for January!

I Eat And Sleep Like Mad: I was indoors, so if I'm not busy it's sleeping or eating. I did ate a lot and sleep like never before.

My Auntie Game To Visit Us: Yeah I had a guest, my mom's sister. I have never seen her all my life because I didn't grow up in hometown neither was I born there. So I was privileged to see my beautiful auntie and got to know her kids.

I listened to Music: I didn't watch movie this Christmas, I wanted to watch Frank's catch me if you can but I didn't had enough time but I listened to musics.

Let me stop, cause I actually did had fun to the core.

What I Didn't Like.

I didn't hang out with friends: unlike other Christmas I spent in parties or maybe gardens, amusement parks and the likes. This Christmas wasn't so, I didn't visit my friends and went out together.

I didn't took my bath early: I was indoors and the fun was so much that I forgot to take my bath, I was just lying on my bed throughout. I took by bath exactly 7.00pm and I'm not happy because I usually bath before 7.00am daily. Though no serious hassle.

That's all I didn't like about my indoor Christmas. Maybe I forgot some though.😃

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed spending Christmas in my room. I save myself money on eating out, impulse buys, traveling and the likes.

I still would wanna try it again and again. A big thanks to those that commented on my why I have decided to stay indoors this Christmas post and encouraged me to try Christmas indoors. It was a fun filled experience. Thanks a bunch!

Now it's your turn.
What was your Christmas like? Tell me.

Santa didn't visit us here in Nigeria, if he did visit you, what gift did you got?

Explore the comment section with your Christmas experience. It's welcome.

Don't forget to share!
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