5 Frugal Ways I Would Have Flex Christmas If I Wasn't Indoors!

December 25, 2017

Hey, Merry Christmas!
I hope you're set to flex the Christmas like a boss?

I would like to see you in that garden, party, amusement park and you name it*** but if you've been following my blog you'll know that I'm staying indoors today Aaaand why? See the whole reasons I've decided to be indoors here!

I wanna start by wishing you a happy, fabulous, intriguing. Fascinating, fun-filled, & a merry Christmas celebration today!

I'm indoors, so I'm gonna miss out on all those fun stuff you'll be doing today. So bad!

Anyway** in this post, I will be sharing how I would have a frugal Christmas if I wasn't stuck indoors.

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So how am I gonna do that??

1.I will be very careful with my impulse.

In this post, I talked about two trousers I bought and end up regretting it because it was an impulse buy.

So if I wasn't indoors, I would be careful not to buy anything impulsively. If it can't wait till the new year then I'm not interested.

2.I'll be careful not to buy expensive food.

I wanna be frugal, so I won't buy expensive food because it's Christmas.

The ecstasy of Christmas could make me wanna buy food for expensive price because it's Christmas. So if I wasn't indoors I would be extremely careful on foods!

3.I won't let the shop, shop me.

If I wasn't indoors, I would probably go out to shop. So I won't let the shop to decide what I'll shop.

You could see many fancy and eye-catching stuffs in stores today, Aaaand if I'm not careful the shop will shop me and I'll go home broke!

4.I won't travel long distance!

Transportation to long distance can really consume money, if I wasn't indoors, I may wanna visit friends and family living long distance.

But to be frugal, I won't visit long distance places! Just imagine paying for flight* Expensive!

5. I'll do the cash-only style!

If I wasn't indoors, and I'm going out to either party, garden or park, I'll budget an amount and go with the cash!

This way I'll be frugal and not give in to Christmas impulse!

Final Thoughts!

Those are the 5 frugal ways I'll flex Christmas if I wasn't indoors. I decided to share because I'm actually jealous of you all that are set to flex Christmas to the fullest. **wish I'm like You!

Hey! Hope you had an interesting read?
How's your Christmas gonna look like?
Are in for a frugal Christmas? Tell me!

Once again merry Christmas, Aaaand Hey! I mistakenly wrapped your Christmas present in paper that says "Happy Birthday". So I added wording "to Jesus" on it. 😃 Enjoy your day!

Don't without telling Merry Xmas Too and share!
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